Spice FM 96.4


Broadcasting from the heart of Dhaka, Spice FM is a very active and modern radio station. Its schedule includes programs such as TAZZ Reloaded, Live with RJ Bong, Breaking Music Show and Vibing with Armeen.


City on fire

Main Programs

  • TAZZ Reloaded
  • Live with RJ Bong
  • Breaking Music Show
  • Jump Start with Mistique & ZigZag
  • Vibing with Armeen

Main DJs

  • RJ Tazz
  • RJ Bong
  • RJ Wahida
  • RJ Max
  • RJ ZigZag
  • Armeen Musa
  • RJ Mystique


Address: MG Tower (13th floor), 389/B West Rampura, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel.: +880 1964-964964
Web: spicefmbd.com
Email: info@spicefmbd.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/96.4spicefmbd/
Twitter: @964spicefm

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